Jul 25

Who are the top 5 manga character mastering the lightning power


Do you enjoy reading manga whose theme is about using powers like lightning to defend or attack their enemies? Then you would enjoy knowing who are the top 5 manga characters that have mastered lightning. Lightning is an element and being able to use the element to your advantage is an amazing thing to do especially if you already can do hand to hand combat, learning to light can give off a surprise attack.


  1. LaxusDreyar

He is the character from Fairy Tail who is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar and was formerly the show’s antagonist until later on became part of the hero team. He has the magic to create lightning and use it to defend or attack enemies. He notably uses his lightning like a roar of a dragon and calls it lightning dragon’s roar or just emits it out of his body when prepared to fight.

  1. KilluaZoldyck

He is from a famous family of an assassin from HunterxHunter who is the best friend of the show’s protagonist. He is a skilled assassin due to his training since he was a child and has developed a new power through the series that allows his Aurora to turn into lightning. He uses Thunderbolt to create a direct hit to his opponent.

  1. A-Third Raikage

He is a character from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden who is the leader, third Raikage,  of the Kumogakure (Village Hidden in the Clouds). He has used his lightning power during the Shinobi war against MadaraUchiha. He is very powerful and can use lightning at ease, sometimes using hand signs.

  1. YoruichiShihoin

She is the character from Bleach who can transform into a cat. She was once the 2nd Division head and the princess of the Shin clan who is a noble family. Though she is a good combat fighter, she is an excellent wielder of her lightning power and can use it to attack or defend against enemies. She may be a princess, but she is a master wielder of lightning to the point of being able to make a direct lightning attack against her enemies.


  1. Pikachu

Is a species of Pokemon, it is always together with the shows protagonist and helping him in battles. Though Pikachu may look cute on the outside, it can release strong lightning attack towards its enemies. It can even emit electric current around its body so that no one can get easily through it.


Now you know what manga to read when you are in a mood to read something about powers of lightning. You will enjoy seeing those characters use lightning to their advantage and use it to attack or defend their enemies. You will be amazed by how differently each character can release such tremendous power in them and create another way to use towards their enemies or to use for self-defense when they are unable to attack and to name each different lightning move.


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