Jul 25

Five reasons why hearing aid are funny

If you think that clowns can make laugh, then you should broaden your mind to other things that can do the same thing. Though you might not notice hearing aid ( see some at this website audioprothésiste raincy in France )can be funny if you live in the modern day and saw what a hearing aid looked like or how the modern hearing aid can use the advantage of the wearer that it can make you laugh because it is funny.


  1. It looks funny

If you have visited historical museums, then you may have seen a small horn that was used for people back to hear properly. It would look funny that if you wanted to hear someone talk you would want to take it out your bag and instead of blowing it you put it in your ear to hear. People these days may think as funny to look at because they put the horn in the wrong place.

  1. Selective hearing

When you have a hearing aid, you can manipulate the volume. So if you don’t want to hear so much noise you can just lower the volume but if you want to hear people talking then you can increase the volume, and it can be very useful when you don’t want to hear any nagging from your spouse or do some selective hearing by just listening to the good than the bad.

  1. Can turn it off

If you don’t want to talk to anyone in a party you can just turn off your hearing aid, in that way when people talk to you about topics you are not interested you can turn it off and look at the distant. People may even think that your hearing aid is broken, but you know better.

  1. Looks can be deceiving

If you are tired of comprehending the talk of someone, you can just always agree or disagree with what they are saying and they wouldn’t think bad of you but rather your hearing aid. It would look funny when people hear your conversation about cartoon shows and all you do is agree or disagree even if it isn’t the answer ( https://www.hearingaidknow.com/funny-story-important-message )

  1. Carrying your hearing around

Though the hearing aid before didn’t have the decent design of today, can you imagine bringing it around? When you can’t hear someone talking, and you pulled out from your bag like it was nothing, people might think you are about to make music until you put it in your ear.


Now you know what other things that can make you laugh especially if the wearer can do an excellent job in it.  It only goes to show that you can never underestimate the power of the hearing aid because if your grandparents were at a family gathering, they would only look happy but you can only question if they hear someone talking. The idea of selective hearing as well can be very amusing because you might be talking about something but they only heard the words they want to hear.

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