Cartoons for your baby : a good idea for his development ?

Television has become very vital these days. Many programmes are directly hitting to your toddlers mind. One research says that everyone of us watch televisions nearly everyday. our children also surrounds us somewhere. So, we need to be very careful while choosing programmes to watch when the toddler is near. Our babies also want to watch their favorite cartoons. Before choosing right cartoon for them, you should know which cartoons are educational for them, because some cartoon can be toxic for your child which doesn’t provide good stimulation for a strong, creative and healthy brains. Have you read the blog Mon Bébé Chéri ? Its really nice I like it a lot !

In a conference a doctor was asked, “Cartoons for your baby : a good idea for his development ?” and he suspiciously replied, do you think? He said cartoons are just fillers, these are not enough for the development of your kid’s brain. He said, to make your child smart and stronger the kid should be exposed to few activities which will actually make his brain strong and physically fit. Also he added that a recent research by CMCH scientist shows that when television is ON, kids less interact with their parents or anyone else. they are so lost into that. They also start talking like those characters which they see on TV.

Television rays are also very harmful for your babies.

· Babies younger than two years even couldn’t recognize the colors, noises and images which are confusing for them.

· Nowadays cartoons are filled with violence and those are not anymore for your kidos.

· They are enough smart to identify the real and imaginary world. By seeing those cartoon they couldn’t differentiate between the real and imaginary world and they start imaging cartoon world as a real world.

· Cartoon watching becomes addictive. They start watching it, they want to watch more and thus they can fight over watching too.

· Parents are loosing patience of handling their toddlers so they are more comfortable to switch on the television and let their kid watch cartoon to make them quiet and happy.

· Time spent on watching television has taken away the most precious time of their healthy life which can nurture the development of their brain.

The best thing to engage your kid is to make him exposed to physical environment. make him interact with outside people as well. This way they will know how to behave and survive into external world. Also, you can make physical environment at home, give him blocks or clay to play. Give him some creative problems where your kid can exercise his brain. While you prepare food you can give your kid some pots or wooden utensils and let her play with that. Give your toddler some soft toys to play with when you are not around, so that there is little chance your baby gets hurt. You can play music and let your baby dance on that.

Pull your baby into such activities which will build their brain and for growth both physically and mentally and also you can get your own time to work for you.


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