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All about Tintin cartoons

Tintin merchandise is still very popular around the world.


There are still over 2 million books sold annually worldwide. The total number of books sold since Remi created Tintin is estimated at 200 million books with four in ten homes in France owning at least one Tintin comic.

Tintin cartoons has been translated into over 60 languages and in China alone sales are in excess of 600,000 per year. There are many reasons for the popularity of Tintin merchandise. The ligne claire style has captured the imagination over people since the late 1940’s when Remi developed the style. It has influenced artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein who cited the ligne claire illustrations of Remi as the influence behind the pop-art scene.

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The Tintin world and Tintin cartoons merchandise is going to see a revival in the coming years with a trilogy of Tintin movies to be released. The first one is scheduled for release in 2009. What all the fuss is about? Tintin cartoons is easy to like and a simple character that everyone can connect with and understand. Tintin reminds us of our innocent childhood. The Tintin name is not recognized in America due to the fact Mickey Mouse was introduced to the world just a few months before Tintin the Belgium boy detective was first seen in Europe in the early 1930’s. This will change when the film are released. Tintin is going to be popular around the world and may challenge Harry Potter in 2009.

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There are 23 Tintin albums in total and have been entertaining young boys and people of all ages for over 70 years.


The release of the films will hopefully increase the awareness of Tintin so he can proudly take stage where he belongs among the cartoon greats.

The story starts when an interest (a question accepted to have heavenly forces) that initially has a place with a tribe of South American Indians is stolen from a gallery in the town where Tintin lives. The following day the statue is come back with a note saying it had been a wagered. Tintin however ever the legend acknowledges it is a phony on the grounds that the substitution is finished when the first was feeling the loss of an ear.

Tintin now clearly need to get to the base of the secret so starts the adventure to understand the wrongdoing. He finds that a wood carver has as of late been murdered and concludes that this man Balthazar most likely cut the phony so goes looking for the keeps an eye on parrot in a would like to obtaining some much needed education to the executioner.

The lead sends him to South America alongside two other men who additionally are following the trail Alfonso Perez and Ramon Bada. They are for the most part endeavoring to exceed each other. Ramon and Alfonso on the voyage over by watercraft murder Roger Tortilla (not extremely creative) who was the man that initially stole the obsession. Tintin who had been in camouflage capture the men on docking in San Theodoros. In a contort the Colonel who welcomes them releases the men and it is Tintin who is later captured and is surrounded for psychological warfare and condemned to death. 

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As Tintin is going to be executed by the terminating squad he is spared by a dissident pioneer General Alcazar.


Tintin who uncommonly has been drinking vigorously swears his devotion to Alcazar who is presently in charge of the nation and makes Tintin a Colonel.

Tintin new position demonstrates an assistance and a block as Perez, Ramon and the disfavored General Tortilla attempt to slaughter him. It is now we are acquainted with the “Gran Chapo War”. This war is pushed by two contending oil organizations that both need the oil accepted to be underneath the earth in the Gran Chapo locale.

Tintin gets away from another endeavor on his life by General Trickler of Great American Oil (one of the contending organizations). Tintin in the long run ends up among the general population of Arumbaya. He tries to discover why such a significant number of individuals are after the obsession that in money related esteem is useless. Tintin picks up data that persuades that there is an important precious stone having a place with the Arumbaya tribe covered up in the fixation.

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