Cartoons for your baby : a good idea for his development ?

Television has become very vital these days. Many programmes are directly hitting to your toddlers mind. One research says that everyone of us watch televisions nearly everyday. our children also surrounds us somewhere. So, we need to be very careful while choosing programmes to watch when the toddler is near. Our babies also want to watch their favorite cartoons. Before choosing right cartoon for them, you should know which cartoons are educational for them, because some cartoon can be toxic for your child which doesn’t provide good stimulation for a strong, creative and healthy brains. Have you read the blog Mon Bébé Chéri ? Its really nice I like it a lot !

In a conference a doctor was asked, “Cartoons for your baby : a good idea for his development ?” and he suspiciously replied, do you think? He said cartoons are just fillers, these are not enough for the development of your kid’s brain. He said, to make your child smart and stronger the kid should be exposed to few activities which will actually make his brain strong and physically fit. Also he added that a recent research by CMCH scientist shows that when television is ON, kids less interact with their parents or anyone else. they are so lost into that. They also start talking like those characters which they see on TV.

Television rays are also very harmful for your babies.

· Babies younger than two years even couldn’t recognize the colors, noises and images which are confusing for them.

· Nowadays cartoons are filled with violence and those are not anymore for your kidos.

· They are enough smart to identify the real and imaginary world. By seeing those cartoon they couldn’t differentiate between the real and imaginary world and they start imaging cartoon world as a real world.

· Cartoon watching becomes addictive. They start watching it, they want to watch more and thus they can fight over watching too.

· Parents are loosing patience of handling their toddlers so they are more comfortable to switch on the television and let their kid watch cartoon to make them quiet and happy.

· Time spent on watching television has taken away the most precious time of their healthy life which can nurture the development of their brain.

The best thing to engage your kid is to make him exposed to physical environment. make him interact with outside people as well. This way they will know how to behave and survive into external world. Also, you can make physical environment at home, give him blocks or clay to play. Give him some creative problems where your kid can exercise his brain. While you prepare food you can give your kid some pots or wooden utensils and let her play with that. Give your toddler some soft toys to play with when you are not around, so that there is little chance your baby gets hurt. You can play music and let your baby dance on that.

Pull your baby into such activities which will build their brain and for growth both physically and mentally and also you can get your own time to work for you.



Accountants in cartoons

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See this funny cartoon here


How Cartoons Represent Lawyers & the Law


Cartoons are generally directed to the little audiences, however, “they are also utilized in representing humorous intentions, especially in a world of politics and law” argues Mike who worked for Divorce Avocats Firm in Paris


The cartoons that represent the world of law is different from how cartoons are usually portrayed. Most of the cartoons shown in television are mainly for entertainment purposes only, especially when they are geared towards the children. However, when they are used in law and politics, it sends a particular message to the public, whether this is in opposition to or in agreement with the current world of events, politics or government. However, most of these political cartoons are geared towards going against who or what is being portrayed there. You can find these types of cartoons in the editorial section of a newspaper.


What Makes Political Cartoons and its Presentation of the Law Different?

One of the things that make political cartoons entirely different is how it is geared towards the adults, particularly those who are interested in the current political situation. The way they are drawn varies, but most of it are drawn out to be funny and exaggerated to the point that it represents how they see the current world of politics is. It may seem that these cartoons about law or politics is out there to prove a point or persuade its readers – since political cartoons are placed together with the featured editorial piece. Its main purpose is to make the reader or the viewer think about the current state of events. Some of them also try to sway the reader’s opinion toward the perspective of the cartoonist. The best cartoonist working in this field can make you sway your opinion to their side without you realizing it. They are very good at this, and you will wonder how they did it.


The Cartoonist’s techniques of persuasion

The cartoonist has several techniques or methods to use when it comes to persuading its viewers or readers. Not all cartoonist use all of these techniques, but the ones that have a lot of persuasions to do make use of the most of it. These techniques include exaggeration, analogy, labeling, irony and symbolism.


Once you see these elements clearly in every political cartoon you see, you will get their point very clearly. You will also be aware of any bias or slant in the view of politics that the author is currently on. It will be easier to make up the mind of the reader or the viewer once they realize where the cartoonist is leading them and what their message is really about.


You will start asking yourself what the cartoon represents and what is the author’s message behind it. If you ask for another’s opinion regarding the political cartoon you see in the same newspaper, they will probably have a different conclusion than you do. That is another purpose of doing political cartoons – drawing out different opinions. And majority that has the same conclusion about it is usually the one that is considered to have the perfect description of what the cartoon is trying to say.


Five reasons why hearing aid are funny

If you think that clowns can make laugh, then you should broaden your mind to other things that can do the same thing. Though you might not notice hearing aid ( see some at this website audioprothésiste raincy in France )can be funny if you live in the modern day and saw what a hearing aid looked like or how the modern hearing aid can use the advantage of the wearer that it can make you laugh because it is funny.


  1. It looks funny

If you have visited historical museums, then you may have seen a small horn that was used for people back to hear properly. It would look funny that if you wanted to hear someone talk you would want to take it out your bag and instead of blowing it you put it in your ear to hear. People these days may think as funny to look at because they put the horn in the wrong place.

  1. Selective hearing

When you have a hearing aid, you can manipulate the volume. So if you don’t want to hear so much noise you can just lower the volume but if you want to hear people talking then you can increase the volume, and it can be very useful when you don’t want to hear any nagging from your spouse or do some selective hearing by just listening to the good than the bad.

  1. Can turn it off

If you don’t want to talk to anyone in a party you can just turn off your hearing aid, in that way when people talk to you about topics you are not interested you can turn it off and look at the distant. People may even think that your hearing aid is broken, but you know better.

  1. Looks can be deceiving

If you are tired of comprehending the talk of someone, you can just always agree or disagree with what they are saying and they wouldn’t think bad of you but rather your hearing aid. It would look funny when people hear your conversation about cartoon shows and all you do is agree or disagree even if it isn’t the answer ( https://www.hearingaidknow.com/funny-story-important-message )

  1. Carrying your hearing around

Though the hearing aid before didn’t have the decent design of today, can you imagine bringing it around? When you can’t hear someone talking, and you pulled out from your bag like it was nothing, people might think you are about to make music until you put it in your ear.


Now you know what other things that can make you laugh especially if the wearer can do an excellent job in it.  It only goes to show that you can never underestimate the power of the hearing aid because if your grandparents were at a family gathering, they would only look happy but you can only question if they hear someone talking. The idea of selective hearing as well can be very amusing because you might be talking about something but they only heard the words they want to hear.


Who are the top 5 manga character mastering the lightning power

Do you enjoy reading manga whose theme is about using powers like lightning to defend or attack their enemies? Then you would enjoy knowing who are the top 5 manga characters that have mastered lightning. Lightning is an element and being able to use the element to your advantage is an amazing thing to do especially if you already can do hand to hand combat, learning to light can give off a surprise attack.


  1. LaxusDreyar

He is the character from Fairy Tail who is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar and was formerly the show’s antagonist until later on became part of the hero team. He has the magic to create lightning and use it to defend or attack enemies. He notably uses his lightning like a roar of a dragon and calls it lightning dragon’s roar or just emits it out of his body when prepared to fight.

  1. KilluaZoldyck

He is from a famous family of an assassin from HunterxHunter who is the best friend of the show’s protagonist. He is a skilled assassin due to his training since he was a child and has developed a new power through the series that allows his Aurora to turn into lightning. He uses Thunderbolt to create a direct hit to his opponent.

  1. A-Third Raikage

He is a character from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden who is the leader, third Raikage,  of the Kumogakure (Village Hidden in the Clouds). He has used his lightning power during the Shinobi war against MadaraUchiha. He is very powerful and can use lightning at ease, sometimes using hand signs.

  1. YoruichiShihoin

She is the character from Bleach who can transform into a cat. She was once the 2nd Division head and the princess of the Shin clan who is a noble family. Though she is a good combat fighter, she is an excellent wielder of her lightning power and can use it to attack or defend against enemies. She may be a princess, but she is a master wielder of lightning to the point of being able to make a direct lightning attack against her enemies.


  1. Pikachu

Is a species of Pokemon, it is always together with the shows protagonist and helping him in battles. Though Pikachu may look cute on the outside, it can release strong lightning attack towards its enemies. It can even emit electric current around its body so that no one can get easily through it.


Now you know what manga to read when you are in a mood to read something about powers of lightning. You will enjoy seeing those characters use lightning to their advantage and use it to attack or defend their enemies. You will be amazed by how differently each character can release such tremendous power in them and create another way to use towards their enemies or to use for self-defense when they are unable to attack and to name each different lightning move.


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Dragon Ball Super Series Expected To Come To Cartoon Network In South Africa

Toei Animation Europe has secured a broadcast deal on behalf of Dragon Ball Super, the long-awaited follow-up series to the hit feature films, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Battle of the Gods. This will be the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. According to Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super already began airing in Japan in April last year and now will be released for English speaking countries, including South Africa, in 2017.

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